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Very Scary Arcade & Escape Games has been designed to give you those shocks and shivers. With a number of scary games to pick from it's impossible to be lost for choice. Make sure you check the fans favourites like Urbex, Lodge Massacre and The Grudge. Over the years these games have shocked many fans, but they still continue to play for the thrill factor - as they don't know what's going to appear.

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Killer Escape 2 Killer Escape 2 - WARNING - MATURE CONTENT AND VERY CREEPY!
Urbex Urbex - Super scary point and click adventure!
Killer Escape Killer Escape - This is truly a very scary game!
Lodge Massacre Lodge Massacre - Ready to be creeped out?
The Cabin The Cabin - Take a walk on the frightening grounds of a haunted campsite.
Brainz Brainz - Zombies are on the loose and you are the last one left to stop them.
Free Ice Cream Free Ice Cream - Help this little girl through a creepy situation.
The Grudge The Grudge - A creepy point and click game based on the movie.
Foreign Creature Foreign Creature - Control the actions of a foreign creature in this point and click game.
Saw 4 Trapped Saw 4 Trapped - A quick little puzzle game based on the hit movie series.
Endless Zombie Rampage Endless Zombie Rampage - Kill a hoard of zombies.
Nightmare House Nightmare House - Not the scariest of games, but a challenging point and click nonetheless.

Toxie Radd Altex 3
Zombie Baseball Scary Sleep Over
Killer Dolls Seed of Chucky
Crimson Butterflies Halloween Escape
Zombie Hospital Ragdoll Zombie Slayer
Escape the Mansion Scare Dare - The Abandoned House
Brain Drain  

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